Our Services

  • Test and Balance

    • Air and Hydronic Balance
    • HVAC System Survey
    • Joint Commission Accreditation Testing
  • Fire Life Safety

    • Fire and Smoke Damper Testing, Certification and Repair
    • Stairwell Pressure Testing
    • Smoke Control System Commissioning
  • Health Care

    • Airflow/Pressure Certification for Operating Suites, Isolation Rooms, Cath Labs, Etc.
    • Hepa Filter Certification
    • Pharmacy Certification per USP <797>
    • TSITM Products: Room Pressure Monitors or Controllers for Operating Suites, Isolation Rooms, Pharmacy, Labs, Etc.
  • Laboratories

    • Lab Airflow/Pressure Validation
    • Bio-Safety Cabinet Testing per NSF 49
    • Fume Hood Testing and Monitor Calibration (including setting up programming
    • HEPA Filter Certification
    • TSITM Products: Lab and Fume Hood Monitors/Controls
  • Other Services

    • AALAC Certification for Vivariums
    • HVAC Commissioning
    • Cleanroom Performance Testing

We are great at what we do

At Dynamic Air Solutions we pride ourselves in being the best provider of these services in the St. Louis region and beyond.  Do not hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions regarding any of the services that we offer.

Our specialization

Test and Balance
Fire Life Safety
HVAC Commissioning